If you would like to help the church Board and Officers in their ministries, here is some information about their roles. Each position has a two year term. Expand each section for details about the duties and available reference materials.

Use our password-protected members and adherents page for confidential information including the downloadable PDF of the church phone/address/email list. If you don’t have the password, contact the Congregational Coordinator.

Worship Committee

• this permanent committee sets policies and written guidelines for the general themes and structures of the worship activities of the church, consisting of all of the people in the following roles listed below.

Worship Speaker Coordinators (one Board Member) - Gerda Krause, J. Evan Kreider, and Rosie Perera

• ensures that a suitable speaker is arranged for each Sunday service as needed (view the Worship Service Team Schedule to find out which dates still need speakers, and consult the secure past speakers list with contact info for ideas)
• participate in the Worship Committee

Worship Leader Coordinators (Officers) - Travis Martin and Chan Yang

• ensures that a suitable worship leader is arranged for each Sunday service as needed, and that the person has a copy of the Worship Guidelines for Virtual Church (PDF, 3 pages 189KB) to help them fulfill that role
• participate in the Worship Committee
• NOTE: view the Worship Service Team Schedule to find out which dates still need volunteers.

Music Coordinator (Officer) - Ruth Enns

• ensures that a suitable song leader and pianist is arranged for each Sunday service as needed.
• participate in the Worship Committee.
• NOTE: view the Worship Service Team Schedule to find out which dates still need volunteers. • Search for keywords in the text of the Hymnal: A Worship Book. There is also a list of hymns by number and alphabetically.

Board of Directors

Moderator (Board Member) - Veronica Dyck

• calls and chairs all official meetings of the congregation and the Board
• represents the church as a liaison to conferences and ministerial associations
• keeps in touch with the various committees and the overall functioning of the church
• ensures that the congregation is informed about issues and developments

Congregational Coordinator (one Board Member) - Janice Kreider

• handles incoming phone and email messages
• handles postal mail
• sends a weekly email to the congregation
• updates the church directory as needed
• ensures that the website is up to date
• assistant to the Moderator
• other administrative tasks as assigned by the Moderator and/or Board
• on an exception basis, two people may jointly share this role

Secretary (Board Member) - Diane Ehling

• takes, maintains and distributes minutes of meetings of the Board and congregation
• prints the brief worship sheet for in-person services
• other duties as required

Treasurer (Board Member) - Doug Medley

• chair of the Finance Committee of three Board-approved members
• ensures that donations are deposited promptly
• keeps track of designated donations
• ensures that invoices and payroll (if any) are paid up to date (two signing officers required)
• keeps the books of the church and produces financial statements for the Board and congregational meetings
• ensures that charitable donation receipts are issued annually
• files annual charity return and GST rebate

Congregational Care Committee (one Board Member) - Lois Funk, Angelina Jeong, Karl Brown, Deberah Shears, and Paul Thiessen

• affirm congregational care in our community
• nurture connections among us as best we can and work at connecting visitors with our ‘regulars’.
• arrange for cards and /or flowers to be sent to the ill and bereaved and to celebrate with spontaneous cards and/or flowers for marking milestones or anniversaries.
• encourage prayer for the people
• express spiritual care and explore how we can practice and grow in Christian life and faith.

Member At Large (Board Member) - Gerda Krause

• contribute to the leadership of the church from a congregational perspective, or provide transitional advice for leaders in new roles.
• one currently sits as the board representative of the congregational technical working group.

Community Engagement (Board Member) - Travis Martin

• represents the church on the Westside Churches Refugee Sponsorship Committee
• encourage congregational involvement in local activities of MCC British Columbia, including the fall festival and the AGM

Nominating Committee (ad hoc; formed by the Board)

• must include at least one Board member; formed in November of each year, dissolved after the AGM or as soon afterwards as its work is concluded
• establishes a list of upcoming vacant positions and solicits suggestions from the congregation for names of potential candidates
• contact potential candidates and recommend a slate to the Board and then to the congregation at the AGM for ratification
• nominations from the floor are accepted at the AGM if the nominee is willing to let his/her name stand
• if there is more than one nominee for a position, there will be an election at the AGM


Webmaster - John Lee

• reports to the Congregational Coordinator
• ensures that the PGIMF.ORG domain name is owned by the church and that the current Congregational Coordinator has administrative control of the domain name
• ensures that e-mail addresses and distribution lists at pgimf.org are available for the Congregational Coordinator to use
• posts schedules of events, lists of assigned volunteers, and bulletins at www.pgimf.org on a weekly basis in formats that are readable by nearly all types of common computer configurations (e.g. HTML and Adobe PDF).

Technology Coordinator – Kevin Hiebert

• reports to the Congregational Coordinator
• ensures that the Webmaster and social media account (Twitter, Facebook) administration volunteers have the resources and advice they need
• ensures that the Audio-Visual Coordinator and volunteers set up and use the audio-visual worship technology equipment (e.g. TV/sound system, camera, microphones, etc.)

Audio-Visual (A/V) Coordinator – Christine Lee

• reports to the Technology Coordinator
• edits and uploads the sermon and response time audio within 5 days (or arranges for a volunteer to do so).
• for hybrid (in-person and online) worship services, with help from delegated volunteers or assistants:
  - sets up the camera and microphones and performs an Audio/Video test with the Zoom host before 15 minutes in advance of the service starting
  - sets up the TV and soundbar so that the Zoom gallery view is visible to the congregation.

Hospitality Coordinator - June Oh

• ensures that a suitable usher is arranged for each Sunday service as needed (view the Worship Service Team Schedule to find out which dates still need volunteers).
• ensures that each usher understands his or her duties: welcoming people, handing out bulletins, seating arrangements, taking the offering, and counting the offering.
• additional duties to be determined once in-person gatherings resume.

Membership Secretary - Andre Pekovich

• keep accurate records of membership by baptism, transfers, and other related information as required by the B.C. Societies Act and for determining our obligations for conference dues & delegate allotments
• also track non-member adherents for statistical/service purposes
• maintain vital statistics information in confidence

Archivist - Caleb Yang

• keep copies of all church related publications, including bulletins and directories
• preserve records of church functions including photographs, videos and movies, music
• arrange for digitization and storage of church records as appropriate
• work with Congregational Coordinator and Webmaster to register and preserve copyright of church documents as required
• set and fulfill privacy and retention policies for all church archival records
• submit church records to suitable historical archives that would benefit from the record at will or on winding up

Social Committee - Diane Ehling, Chan Yang, Veronica Yang

• arranges for showers, picnics, etc.