October 15, 2016

PGIMF Administrator - “Julianne Funk - Reconciliation in Bosnia”


Julianne Funk is a peacebuilder.  The Wheaton doctoral grad, now teaching in Zurich, travels to Bosnia to work with the community there to help restore broken relationships and bring communities together that sometimes have no contact with each other despite hundreds of years as neighbours.

Julianne Funk (PhD, University of Zurich)

Funk, who spoke recently at Vancouver’s Menno Simons Centre, credits her Mennonite heritage of peacebuilding as a significant foundation for her work, meaning refusing to return evil for evil.

Read the Canadian Mennonite article on her work here:

You can watch a streaming video of her slideshow and talk at the Menno Simons Centre on August 10, 2016 entitled "Sowing Trust in Minefields: Faith-based peace & reconciliation in Bosnia & Herzegovina" (720p movie file, 1.17 GB, 41 minutes) at http://pcda.bc.ca/potluck-lecture-julianne-funk/ along with an audio-only podcast at the bottom of that page.  The video will stream as soon as it finishes buffering, so you don’t have to download it.

Dr. Funk has given permission for her lecture to be shared online, so you can pass along this link to anyone whom you think will enjoy it!

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