May 01, 2015

webmaster - “May 2015 at PGIMF (1-page poster)”


2015-05-PGIMF-poster-thumbnailDownload the 1-page PDF 2015-05-PGIMF-poster for highlights of upcoming speakers:

  • May 3 - Angelika Dawson, who works with Communitas, a faith-based organization providing care for those living with disabilities, offers a perspective of caring for those who are challenged with issues of attaining mental wellness. May 4 - 10 is Mental Health Week.

  • May 10 - Mothering Sunday: Jo White, a native of New Zealand and a Regent graduate, will be speaking on “Spiritual Mothering”.

  • May 17 - Thomas Bergen, co-resident coordinator of the Menno Simons Centre,
    will be giving the first talk in a series of 3 on the theme of “Spiritual Warfare for Mennonites”

  • May 24 - Camp Luther Retreat: Contact us by email if you wish to hear more details and join our family retreat.

  • May 31 - Dr Syed Nasir Zaidi, the Muslim chaplain at UBC and a member of the Multi-Faith Chaplains Assoc. at UBC will be joining our service and sharing on issues of faith which are common and unique to the Christian and the Islamic tradition.

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