May 02, 2004

Janet Hildebrand - “A model for Christian recovery”

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The service focused on how the gospel is put into practice with non-profit projects such as the 'Luke 15 House' which provides housing, friendship, support, Christian sharing and structure for about 20 men who are hoping to build 'normal' lives after having spent time in prison or on the streets. Henry Hildebrand's introduction on The Prodigal Son reminded us that not all prodigal sons leave home, not all return, not all recover, and not all are accepted back. Janet Hildebrand (representing Luke 15 House) told of life in this 'miracle house', of how difficult it is for someone to be able to celebrate a birthday' (one year of being drug/alcohol/trouble free), and of her surprise that Catholics are far more open to supporting this type of social work than are most Protestant congregations. Ed, formerly of the Luke 15 House and eventually a member of their Board, told his story in some detail, sharing how his years have seen their share of good intentions, a truly disadvantaged upbringing, the hiding of pain behind a fog of alcohol or drugs, and repeated attempts to seek God. The Luke House people were there for him, helping to the extent he could permit at any given time. He told of what it meant to him as a professional house thief to be asked by Janet to house sit for them and thereby demonstrate her trust in him as a good person. He concluded by reminding us that his need for God is not significantly different from ours, just more visible. [JEK]


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Speaker: Janet Hildebrand
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