September 28, 2003

Dr. James Olthuis - “Be Angry and Sin Not”

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We heard from Dr. James Olthuis, who spoke on the passage in Ephesians 4:26-7, "If you are angry, do no sin". With much struggle, he endeavoured to emphasize the benefits of anger in this message, implying it is healthy for us to be angry, as long as we act immediately and appropriately on it, and do not allow it to fester into hate (“frozen anger”). This message emphasized much that is current in philosophy and psychology today in the context of ‘working through one’s anger to effect change’ but James did not resort to biblical scholarship to justify this position, and it is difficult to think of passages in the New Testament that could be called on to bolster this position. Jim’s position at the Institute of Christian Studies does exactly this kind of work, attempting to link modern scholarship with biblical worldviews. This message was a strenuous attempt to make Scripture relevant to post-modern worshippers, and perhaps one that went over my head even while it spoke to my heart. [AP]


Passage: Eph 4:26-7
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Ecumenical or Event: Congregational Meeting
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Speaker: Dr. James Olthuis
Worship Leader: John Friesen
Song Leader: Rosie Perera
Pianist: Edward Kehler
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Child Care Volunteer: Charmaine Wiens

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