September 14, 2003

Jim Neudorf - “Blessings”


Jim Neudorf (one of the founders of PGIMF and the son of Peter & Helga) came to us from Squamish to speak on Genesis 12:1-3, the story of God blessing Abraham. God's specific blessings have been recorded to a number of people, including Moses, Noah, etc. The blessing was often coupled with a curse: If you honour God, you will be greatly blessed, but if you reject God's ways, you will be cursed. The blessing Abraham received was to be shared with all the world, and it came not only from God but from those who were with him and observed his Godly ways. If we receive a blessing, it is not ours exclusively but is rather something to be shared. Luke 6:28 takes this one giant step farther--bless those who curse you (combining the blessing and the curse, setting them in opposition in a Christ-like way). Jim suggested that we do not receive the blessings we could because of our lack of discipline, our small sins and wounds. For example, fasting (hardly a top item in PGIMF) can lead to very real blessings. At the conclusion to the message, Jim and Grace invited us to come forward to receive a blessing in the form of a prayer, and many accepted the gift. [JEK] No bulletin is available.


Passage: Gen 12:1-3
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Potluck Lunch: No
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Speaker: Jim Neudorf
Worship Leader: Erna Friesen
Song Leader: Ann Marie Neudorf
Pianist: Angela Ekkert
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Child Care Volunteer: Shana Bystrom

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