July 04, 2004

J. Evan Kreider - “Canada and USA - destiny in God's hands”

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Evan led us in a study of three texts on healing from the lectionary. The first was the story of the warrior-king Naaman who sought to rid himself of a loathsome disease. He travelled among those he originally sought to subjugate to Elisha to have it cured, and was forced to humble himself to the simple cure prescribed, the insulting manner in which it was prescribed; nevertheless, one that could not be performed among the prophets and miracle-workers of Naaman’s own people. The second, Psalm 30, was a very personal prayer of thanksgiving for cure, for deliverance from fate. The third was Luke’s story of the commissioning of the Seventy - take nothing with you, concentrate only on your task - to cure the sick, and do so in God’s name - and the astonishment of the seventy at their tremendous success. Evan drew the theme of God’s cure through each story, but left us in the question of how deserving Naaman was of Elisha’s (and God’s) magnanimity, (“Go in peace” 2Ki5:19). Of Psalm 30, Evan emphasized God’s magnanimity in the relationships we have with our own parents and in our workplaces. Of the commissioning of the Seventy, Evan pointed out how God’s magnanimity was again extended to humble workers who followed Jesus in faith, without thought of reward. Finally, we were left with the question of how to live each day in the face of these three vibrant, fulfilling examples of magnanimous, holy life. [AP]


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Speaker: J. Evan Kreider
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