January 21, 2007

Daniel Ray - “Christian Unity (Part 2/2)”

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Daniel Ray continued his exhortation toward Christian unity drawing from Hebrews 10:19-25. He reminded us of our need to see Jesus’ glory as stated in John 7 so that in Christ, we see our own unity. But Daniel asked the question “I understand in Christ we are one, we are unified. But how is it that is still am frustrated with my brother or sister who does not think like me?” Daniel notes that following Christ is not always easy, and set out to give us perspective on our troubles as we follow Christ. This passage from Hebrews follows on the earlier two chapters (Heb 8 & 9) regarding the new covenant, which was most deftly foretold in Jeremiah. The passage uses language that expresses how different Jesus was from the Aaronic priesthood in his intercession, reflecting how different worship of God was to be - from the old temple with its complex design, to the new temple; Jesus body - from old never-ending sacrifice by fire, to the new sacrifice for once and for all. The balance of the passage is an encouragement to us to step into our drawing near to God. What power could keep us from Him? These can be intimidating encouragements, but we are to “spur one another on” - we are accountable to one another. We are not to do it alone. The things that we do, our works, are important to God, but the only way we can actually draw nearer to God is to do just that - together, in prayer. [AP]


Passage: Hebrews 10:19-25
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