December 28, 2003

Henry Neufeld - “Contentment”

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Henry Neufeld spoke on the theme of contentment, frequently returning to a proverb: "One must bloom where one is planted." In 2 Cor. 11:16-, Paul “boasts”, apparently in ridicule of other evangelists of his day, of his sufferings, and the list is awesome. But in the next chapter, Paul notes that he takes his limitations in stride. In other words, he was learning to be content, whether at home, on the road, or in chains. Modern society is obsesses with getting excellent results (school, work, children, grandchildren, finances), but Paul advises that we instead learn to manage, to get along. In the Bible, the topic of contentment arises most often in the context of materialism and ego. Paul follows this tradition, not advocating a quiet passive life, but rather a life of hard work for causes and for other people. Henry concluded by noting that contentment may mean accepting that which we cannot change, and quoted from one writer who felt that contentment can best be derived from four things: being satisfied that physical needs are being met, enjoying the beauty of art and math, enjoying intellectual pursuits, and most importantly, union with God. [JEK]


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