August 17, 2003

Evan Kreider - “Following the Rules”

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Evan Kreider addressed the problem of non-Jewish Christians in the early church – are they required to obey all the Jewish laws, for instance regarding circumcision, cleanliness and uncleanness? (Acts 10 & 11) Evan noted that the clean/unclean theme runs through the Old Testament. Peter’s revelation from God in the vision and his subsequent experience with Cornelius result in Peter being accused of eating with an uncircumcised man and defiling himself. Peter was open to expanding the horizons of the new church; others were not. The major Council at Jerusalem is characterized by a lot of dissension and debate, resulting in a church split. Evan wondered if we can expect unity of thought in the church today on an issue such as sexuality if Paul, Barnabas, Peter and the Jews could not achieve unity on their issues. The key seems to be God's revelation – does it still happen and how? We are challenged to rethink the essence of our faith, as was Peter. In the response time it was pointed out that God's revelation continues to this day: the Genesis God is not a loving father; that emerges later. (HN)


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