March 12, 2006

Walter Bergen - “God is not done with you yet”


Walter Bergen based his message on the account (in 2 Kings 6-7) of a famine in the town of Samaria and the city being surrounded by the Aramean army. The prophet Elisha tells the king that in one day food will be available. The kings officer says this won't happen. Elisha tells him you'll see it tomorrow, but you won't eat any of the food. Four lepers outside the city gates decide to go to the Aramean encampment for food. They find the Aramean camp deserted; so they eat, take some valuables, then realize they should tell their fellow countrymen. They next day and go tell the king. The people can't believe there's food there and trample the king's officer to death, fulfilling the prophecy. This strange text speaks to the unexpectedness of God's actions in our lives. What has happened in your life where taking an action has had unexpected results? "God is not done with you yet," said Walter. He then told the story of J.G, Ewert of Tabor, Kansas who, in the 1920's, bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis and able to use only three fingers on one hand, typed correspondence for the newly formed MCC to raise funds for the starving Mennonites in Ukraine. Expect the unexpected. (HN) No bulletin or audio recording is available.


Passage: 2Ki: 6 & 7
Communion: No
Ecumenical or Event: Lent II
Potluck Lunch: No
Congregational Meeting: No


Speaker: Walter Bergen
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Pianist: Kathryn Schmidt
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