January 23, 2005

Jackie Bolen - “Internalizing Simplicity”

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Jackie Bolen (student at Regent College and resident of our Centre) spoke on topics raised in the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6.20-26). Even when speaking largely to poor farmers and residents of small countryside villages, Jesus spoke more often about problems related to wealth than any other topic. If he warned these people repeatedly about the desire to be wealthy, what would he have said to North America's consumers? What does it mean, "Woe to you who are rich, for you already have your consolation"? How can we learn to divest ourselves of the desire to be rich, especially as members of a culture which buys things we don't really need and then installs house alarms so that nobody takes these unneeded things from us? When hiking for four months, Jackie suffered hunger and cold and learned to turn inward. "Simplicity is as simple as seeking the Kingdom of God first, until everything else seems to matter less and less." [JEK]


Passage: Mt 5:1-12
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Speaker: Jackie Bolen
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