April 03, 2005

Dan Unrau - “Leadership and the Anabaptists”

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Dan Unruh (Pastor at Frasierview MB Church) reflected on where he thinks the Anabaptist movement is today. He began by relating a series of stories (verbal slides) which portray differing situations he has experienced (an evangelist visiting his family, uncles privately questioning him on his faith, family devotions after a day of butchering a hog, etc.) Can we distinguish our theology from our past experiences? He then reported on the recent history of the Fraserview MB Church, its transformation from a traditional MB congregation into one which openly courts the community's young people. This change coincided with an exodus of former members to the suburbs, so "the church at the Fridge" increasingly catered to youth, through music, a "rowdy, noisy" style of worship (standing on pews, youth being somewhat scantily clad for church, etc.), and even a new style of leadership. These changes eventually created worship services which ministered inadequately to some of the older members (including some of my friends), prompting them to leave with heavy hearts. Those who remained are nurtured mainly by Bible Studies and funerals. The morning's talk then moved quickly from topic to topic, so readers are urged to listen to the CD of this presentation; I can only note a few isolated points, any one of which I would be willing to expand upon in person. Dan works about 20 hours per week outside the congregation [true also of the more traditional Langley Mennonite Fellowship]. How does one draw a line between faith and culture? We are called to end the era of individualism and move towards being a community which is mutually responsible (his examples were fairly typical of one approaching trusted friends). Our highest authority is scripture, interpreted by the community, not by individual leaders. As people of peace, we should commit to love and not let the violent people of the world set our agendas. His young people are searching for identity, for a sense of belonging somewhere or to a group, of wanting to be baptized just to belong but without worrying about faith just yet. Hopefully Dan's talk has stimulated discussion which will continue. [JEK]


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