September 24, 2006

J. Evan Kreider - “Miracles: a Fellowship of Believers”

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On this 20th anniversary celebration of PGIMF and the Menno Simons Centre, Evan asked us to look forward and engage in a discussion of how our church community can continue to thrive in a context of constant change. He began with a discussion of communion, or the Lord’s Supper, and how it was a tool for sustaining community in the early church. In the oldest accounts of church life, it was clear that third- and fourth-century churches celebrated communion as part of a full meal. Here at Point Grey, we have also used food for the purpose of fellowship. When the church began two decades ago, it was an ad hoc collection of people from other churches, and so a weekly soup tradition was begun so that people could get to know each other. As the years passed, this habit was adjusted to weekly coffee and monthly potlucks. These gatherings around food have played a significant role in sustaining our congregation. Jesus recognized that mealtimes can be profound; he often engaged in teachings while enjoying food with others, and the Last Supper is the most significant example of this. Coffee and Mennonite sausage may be inconsequential on their own, but Jesus showed that we can, in everyday encounters, have deeply meaningful interaction. During the days of the early church, small groups of new believers met and worshipped in much the same way we do today: they sang, prayed, shared, and ate. We are not given any formulas as to why certain groups flourished and others disbanded, but eating together seems to be something especially symbolic to new groups. At this point in our church’s history we face uncharted waters. Having survived through constant turnover in attendance and appealing to an often-transient university audience, we should think about our future. Meals are meaningful because of the relationships they foster, and we should focus on those relationships and how to help them flourish. [MG]


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Speaker: J. Evan Kreider
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