September 17, 2006

Wes & Jody Smith - “Our story”

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Jodi and Wes Smith (our new Residence Coordinators) related the stories of their lives, telling of times they felt led by God and of times that were more uncertain. Jodi was raised in a Baptist congregation in Sask, and Wes in a wide variety of Protestant denominations largely on Vancouver Island. They spoke of re-examining their faith, contemplating career goals, searching for a life partner, pursuing an education, and working with students while abroad. The types of questions in the minds of university-aged adults often focus on career, courtship, and lifestyle. These stories also reminded us that even when working with committed Christians, one can still experience hurtful interpersonal conflict and misunderstanding. Wes and Jodi have nevertheless decided that at least some of their working years will be focused on helping people form relationships with each other and learning to live with each other in community. [JEK] No audio recording is available.


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Speaker: Wes & Jody Smith
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