June 08, 2003

Loren Wilkinson - “Pentecost and Firstfruits”

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On Pentecost Sunday, Lorne Wilkinson (Regent College) spoke on the closeness of God to believers through the presence of God's Spirit. The feast of Pentecost fell 50 days after Passover and during the 'first fruits harvest' of things such as barley. In other words, early Christians undoubtedly appreciated the dual manifestation of God's spirit during Pentecost through creation and people. Psalm 104, read in its entirety, speaks of God still being active in creation. Modern theology unfortunately tends to separate the earth from things spiritual, even speaking badly of the earth (it will pass away, so why not just use it up). Lorne argued that we should stop demoting God's Spirit only to church affairs-the Spirit is active in all of creation. He then made three observations. First, the working of the Spirit in nature is not hidden, nor is it seen only by Christians. Pagans sense something is at work in the environment even if they do not understand what it is. Fewer people attend church in Vancouver than in any other major city, partly because of an appreciation of nature (even without knowledge of God's role in nature). Second, God's work of the Spirit in creation is suffering degradation from people who are often unaware of the results of their actions. We consequently do little to challenge the destruction of the Spirit's creation, of nature (a word Lorne tends to avoid). Third, like Adam, we are still supposed to be caring for the earth, keeping it as God keeps us. After all, we are nourished by God's Spirit, partly through creation. One of the ways we can keep in step with the Holy Spirit is by caring for nature. [JEK]


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