May 25, 2003

Paul Thiessen - “Seeking Wisdom”

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Paul Thiessen spoke on some ideas springing from Proverbs 8, "Seeking Wisdom". Wisdom has been defined various ways, such as having knowledge and forming sensible decisions, learning from your mistakes, taking long-term consequences into consideration before taking action. Although wisdom and knowledge are often coupled, they are distinct (for example, knowledge without wisdom can be dangerous, or evangelists can preach against sin and yet succumb to sin themselves). Solomon, although thought to be one of the most wise persons of his day, had a dysfunctional family with umpteen wives and concubines, created a disastrous taxation system, forged foolish international treaties, and left a kingdom poised for civil war. During his reign, he and his court philosophers compiled several important collections of writings on wisdom showing the pursuit of wisdom to be very personal. Several New Testament writers, on the other hand, portray wisdom as resulting from a relationship with God/Jesus. Paul noted that wisdom goes beyond avoiding the seven deadly sins, that the wise person cultivates listening and seeks times of solitude for listening for God (e.g., Jesus in the wilderness). Wise people listen to the advice of those who care for them, and work to achieve a balance between the spiritual, intellectual and physical in our days, weeks, and years. Wisdom is a journey, not a destination. Wisdom is struggling with God. [JEK]


Passage: Proverbs 8
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Speaker: Paul Thiessen
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