March 07, 2004

Jeff Imbach - “Spiritual Disciplines”

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Jeff Imbach spoke on “Spiritual Disciplines”. To some, daily spiritual discipline comes fairly easily, to others it is a tremendous struggle followed inevitably by defeat. Galatians 5:22-23 and 1 Peter 1:5-9 speak of the fruits of the Spirit of God, but we so often fail to work at them. Jeff suggested that for Lent we try developing new attitudes, embracing a life-giving approach to Spiritual Development. Assume, for example, that God is already with us and they we only need to be open to God. Assume that Spiritual Development can involve any choice we make or habits we form. Can we learn to ‘see God’ in a flower, in awe, and be slightly transformed by the experience? Even in cooking, smelling the herbs, we can encounter God’s wonders. Reading scripture leads to God if we experience it rather than simply ‘consume’ it. We can also take a step towards Spiritual Development by saying ‘no’ to a crammed schedule, or by turning off the car radio during Lent (so we can think in relative peace). Spiritual Development can become the intersection between God’s presence and our unique experience. [JEK]


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Speaker: Jeff Imbach
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