February 08, 2004

Rosie Perera - “Technology and Spirituality”

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Rosie Perera spoke on Technology and Spirituality, the subject of her present study at Regent College. Technology makes fascinating advances which assist humanity, and it also can create things which deplete resources unnecessarily. Speaking as a former programmer for MicroSoft and as a reflective Christian scholar, Rosie made five points. (1) Technology and Creation: Technological creativity is a gift from God (Exodus 31), but we are called to exercise stewardship over technology and not abuse it. (2) Technology and Sin: Our use of technology is affected by 'the fall'. Babylon, the Tower of Babel are but several examples of mighty ancient cities judged to have misused technology. Furthermore, if we trust technology rather than God, it becomes an idol. Do we use technology for our benefit or to help others? (3) Technology and Time: Our continual use of technology requires a sabbath rest just as surely as does work. Rosie challenged us to forego our computers for one day a week, a Sabbath (except for contacting friends and loved ones). (4) Technology and Prayer/Worship/Spiritual Life: Do we constantly surround ourselves with the noise of the TV, radio or music or do we also take a break from it and experience the quiet of silence, perhaps entering into times of unspoken prayer? (5) Technology and Redemption: We can pray that implements of technology will be 'beat into pruning hooks' (if harmful, be transformed into something useful to everyone). "May God grant that we use technology with wisdom, redemptively, and to God's glory." [JEK]


Passage: Ex 31; Ps 115
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