January 06, 2008

Rosie Perera, Karl Brown - “Testimonies”

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For Epiphany Sunday 2008 we welcomed two long-standing friends into membership, Rosie Perera and Karl Brown. Epiphany celebrates seeking. King Herod was a seeker of sorts, dabbling in various religions while constantly living in fear of losing his political power. The Magi were avid (possibly even professional) seekers, traveling extensively in order to get answers. Joseph and Mary can also be thought of as seekers, for their faith led them to immigrate suddenly to Egypt, possibly to Alexandria which then had more Jews than did Jerusalem. Karl and Rosie are also seekers, and have been seeking along with us for about a decade. Rosie told of her spiritual journey (raised by a Quaker father and Episcopalian mother who turned to the charismatic movement). Although Rosie's seeking took various turns, including a respite from church while in university, she was drawn back to religion by her interest in the Psalms. After joining Microsoft in Seattle, she found a superb Presbyterian congregation to which she still relates. She later moved to Vancouver in order to attend Regent College. Finding PGIMF, largely because it was within walking distance, she was immediately attracted to the fellowship's singing, open discussions, potlucks, people and their commitment to a lay-led fellowship. Rosie is active with what Henry Neufeld called her 'e-mail ministry' and photography, relating various aspects of her life to faith. Karl's story started in Winnipeg, and includes a broken family, being raised by various people, having his young faith be destroyed at a Catholic boarding school where he observed adults professing but not practicing faith. He was baptized as an infant, then again as a Mormon (at the request of his mother), and finally as a Mennonite at Mountainview. Karl expressed deep appreciation for the friends he has found at PGIMF, for being encouraged to contribute to the worship in various ways, and for what he has gained by associating with us. The morning's service concluded with Karl and Rosie serving communion, using Karl's Zinfandel wine and two loaves of bread they made for this special Sunday. [JEK] No audio recording is available.


Communion: No
Ecumenical or Event: Membership Sunday - Epiphany
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Speaker: Rosie Perera, Karl Brown
Worship Leader: Henry Neufeld
Song Leader: Andre Pekovich
Pianist: Ruth Enns
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