October 08, 2006

Various - “The blessing of Thanksgiving”

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The service for Thanksgiving Sunday centered on the day's lectionary reading from Joel 2:19-27. Andre Pekovich gave his reflections on several verses at a time, and between those meditations, we either sang songs or heard others speak briefly about giving thanks. Erin Teichroeb reported on her choir's journey to Manchester Cathedral and York; Susie Funk reflected on her past months of healing from injuries sustained from being hit by a car; and Michael Medley read a chapter from his grandfather's book. Some of the themes touched upon in Joel included the prospect of the invaders leaving his homeland, Joel's giving thanks for the early and later rains, and the promise of the eventual "pouring out of God's spirit" on people. Andre connected Israel's celebration of the rains (Feast of Lights) with the idea in John 7:37, in which Jesus (quite possibly during the festival celebrating rain) spoke of himself as being "living water". [JEK] No audio recording is available.


Passage: Joel 2:19-29
Communion: No
Ecumenical or Event: Thanksgiving
Potluck Lunch: No
Congregational Meeting: No


Speaker: Various
Worship Leader: Erna Friesen
Song Leader: Ann Marie Neudorf
Pianist: Ruth Enns
Usher: Peter Neudorf
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