September 26, 2004

Walter Bergen - “The Gospel of Jesus Christ - 18 years later”

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Walter Bergen spoke at our Fellowship's 18th Anniversary Service. Walter and Janet served as the Centre's first Residence Coordinators (1986-88). In speaking appreciatively of the work of both the Centre and the Fellowship over the past 18 years, he said, "When God realized what was needed in B.C., God thought of you people . . . what a remarkable gift you are." He noted our Fellowship's theological position in the province, responding to the fundamentalism and increasingly non-denominational post-revival churches in the Valley by developing and maintaining rigorous styles of worship which nourish faith for families, professionals and university graduates alike. Where PGIMF is headed, do the goals of 18 years ago need revision? Part of his answer is that both John 3 (faith) and Luke 4 (social action) should be integral not only to scripture but also to the faith life of our urban fellowship. Can we study scriptures together, not just to learn them intellectually but to submit to them, and to each other? He concluded by handing out organic L-star apples, which, like scripture, are not polished, if not dealt with in care can be seriously marred, but used can be nourishing. He also believes that Verna, Bill and Bert somehow remain with us in spirit, proud that the fellowship has flourished for 18 years. [JEK]


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