September 30, 2007

J. Evan Kreider - “The Heresy of Materialism”

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Janice Kreider delivered a message written by Evan, the second in an inadvertent series on wealth and the church entitled The Heresy of Materialism. Evan began by pointing out that Paul said that godliness is not next to wealth, and that nobody should go into ministry to make a pile. Though not overly prescriptive, Paul nevertheless touches on various characteristics of ideal Christian flock-herders, mostly typified by the saying “for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” (1Ti 6:10). Riches bring with it social responsibility, and Paul asks the faithful to keep their eyes on things of God, not of money. Turning to the story of Lazarus and the rich man, Evan notes that there are other passages beside this one that emphasize God’s judgement falling not on those according to their faith, but on how they used their wealth and talents. Here, Lazarus in Heaven and the rich man in Hell echo the judgement in the letter to Timothy, further exhorting the faithful to things of God, not to wealth. Examples given noted that we are all wealthy, especially in the eyes of the Third World; that we too will be judged on how we used our talents; and that Jesus himself died because he challenged the temple’s authority in matters of money. Evan exhorts us to be ever watchful to bring the benefits of our wealth at all times to those who have less, or none. [AP]


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