March 28, 2004

Walter Bergen - “The Imaginative Journey with God”

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Walter Bergen (Residence Coordinator of the Centre from 1986-88) spoke on "The Imaginative Journey with God", building on Isaiah 65:17-25, a text he likes to read every three months or so. This text tells of a day when things will be better, when people will live past 100, plant gardens and not have to flee. Walter then asked why this day has not arrived. Why are we going backwards? Why are church conference budgets being cut drastically, why is the Mission budget in the USA down by $1 million this year? Why do so many business people not think imaginatively when on church boards (do we stifle them)? For centuries, church organizations have existed on volunteerism, but now many people are employed professionals, exhausted and lack the inclination to volunteer. Furthermore, to accomplish many things we need capital, not just volunteers. As governments unload social problems onto church and community groups, more and more organizations approach us for donations. People like Bill Riediger foresaw the need for the church in B.C. to have endowment funding which provide the capital required to open new possibilities. Walter concluded by saying that the "gospel should not be just a safe haven in times of difficulty, but it should also be the fire in your belly as we think of working for others." [JEK]


Passage: Isaiah 65:17-25
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Ecumenical or Event: Lent V/End-of-term BBQ
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Speaker: Walter Bergen
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Pianist: Ruth Enns
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