March 18, 2007

Evan Kreider - “The Prodigal Son”

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We heard a series of texts and messages from Evan reflecting on the 4 th Sunday of Lent, especially the story (again) of the Prodigal Son. Evan left us with serious questions on the implications of asking for one’s share of the inheritance in advance, refusing to honour one’s father and mother, turning one’s values on its head, and then once again. How today do we do the same thing as the prodigal son with money, time, resources and influence? The prodigal son knew when he had hit rock bottom, but do we? We are reminded that even when we our relatives, friends or coworkers walk away from the church, the benefits of tis teachings remain always in mind. The prodigal son returned to his father and acknowledged the enormity of his sin to his father and to God. The father, for his part, never checked to make sure the son was truly repentant - he was too happy celebrating his return. It’s a story of an unhappy family with two sons both of whom are disobedient in their own way, to a father whose magnanimity was present only in crisis, and never during the ordinariness of life. The lesson is one of forgiveness by all three members of the family. It is one we would do well to take to heart. We are always called to repentance. [AP]


Passage: Luke 15
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Ecumenical or Event: Lent IV
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Speaker: Evan Kreider
Worship Leader: Karl Brown
Song Leader: Andre Pekovich
Pianist: J Evan Kreider
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