July 27, 2003

Charles Parris - “The sacrament of reconciliation”

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Dr. Charles Paris, former Roman Catholic priest, spoke on "The Sacrament of Reconciliation". This is a far more positive approach to the cycle of sin-repentence-forgiveness than was the pre-Vatican II lay understanding of the necessity of listing small and large sins weekly when within the confessional. For Catholics, the sacraments are the visible signs of faith for milestones in life (baptism, marriage, etc.) The Sacrament of Reconciliation deals with grievous sins, and with reconciling the individual with God and church (for minor sins, prayer and repentance suffice). Charles noted that in former days, confession often scrubbed the soul clean, yet guilt remained. Now the eucharist nurtures the soul, for the emphasis is on the mercy of Christ. During discussion, which ranged widely, it was noted that evangelicals seldom confess sin through communal prayer, and even less frequently follow prayers of confession with the passing of the peace, which would symbolically indicate that the community accepts us, knowing we are imperfect and will sin again. [JEK]


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