August 07, 2005

Jackie Bolen - “The Sovereignity of God”


Jackie Bolen (Regent College and resident at the Menno Simons Centre) spoke on The Sovereignty of God in the Book of Daniel. We hear so much about wicked governments that we sometimes have to wonder where God is. Daniel (chapters 1-7) concludes that God is more powerful than any and all governments. Whether reflecting on his world's most powerful empire or its strongest kings and politicians, he always concluded that God remained all-powerful. In chapter 7.4-8, Daniel loosely identified four empires or kingdoms, but which four? Over the centuries, many possibilities have been raised but without agreement. Some postulate that one of the empires exists now, but what good would it have done Daniel's readers if the fourth and worst empire was not going to exist until several millennia after their lifetime? Perhaps the author was simply trying to assure readers that regardless of the kingdom under which they lived, the Ancient of Days/the Ancient One will ultimately triumph--God is sovereign. We may never rid the world of evil, but in our lives, "The Lord is a great God" above all else (Psalm 95), whether it be rulers or nature. Although we continue to pray "Thy kingdom come" for the world around us, only God can bring this to pass. We dare not trust either our own power, our financial resources or our governments for making this happen. Jackie powerfully invited us to reread the book of Daniel, seeing God as being truly sovereign. [JEK] No bulletin is available and no audio recording is available.


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