September 10, 2006

Karl Brown - “War & Peace: The short version”

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Karl Brown is PGIMF's Master Storyteller (my title for him, not his). It was therefore fitting that on September 10, 2006 Karl spoke on storytelling and its role in our spiritual development. Karl feels that a good storyteller is in fact the servant of a story, not its master. Listeners hear good stories and identify hidden meanings in them, much as Jesus showed how to approach faith and life by telling them stories. Some stories teach us how foolish life can be and others how profound simple truths can be. Great stories can touch on things about life which we might have trouble facing head-on. Writers of scripture recognized the utility of stories for people of all ages and therefore included them freely (Genesis, Kings, Samuel, Gospels, Acts, etc.) Stories "reveal life as it is and help us sense how life could be." If a great story grabs our attention, we cannot help but listening to it and learning from it. We do not expect children to understand stories on various levels just yet, but later in life they will possibly be able to hang truths on stories they have heard and remembered such as parables or fables about sour grapes. [JEK]


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Speaker: Karl Brown
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